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Office & Business Signs

Convey a professional image for your business with office signage.

Here at UK Sign Shop, we take pride in our work and do our utmost to provide our customers with the very best service, product & pricing for their needs.

Conveying the right image is important for any business, regardless of the industry they are in. High quality office signs are one of the simplest ways to add a professional touch to a commercial environment. There are three main kinds of signs used in offices; directional, instructional and promotional.

  • Directional office signs can help to guide people towards the area they are looking for and might include ones such as ‘waiting room’, ‘meeting room’ and ‘bathroom’. Particularly in modern offices with unusual layouts, or in larger buildings, office signs like this will help your customers and visitors to find the room they are looking for quickly and easily.
  • Instructional signs on the other hand, usually advise people against certain actions in areas of the building. These could include signs such as ‘no smoking’, ‘authorised personnel only’ and ‘turn off mobile phones’.
  • Promotional signs are perfect for advertising your logo or promoting a message for your company. We can print your logo straight onto perspex in full colour which would sit perfectly in any reception or waiting area. Learn more about our promotional signs

The external use of business signs is equally important; it gives those visiting the building the impression that your business is established and trustworthy. You might think to yourself; can a sign really portray those qualities? In short, yes it can! Consider the following; if you arrange an appointment with a business, and you turn up only to find the building is unmarked, wouldn’t that make you feel unsure of their reliability? Any professional business will want to advertise itself and make it as easy as possible for customers to find them. Feel free to head over to our shop front signs page where you'll find more information about making a great first impression for potential clients.

We are committed to ensuring that the entire process, from start to finish, is as simple and straightforward as possible. Promptness, quality and affordability are our top priorities.

This is where UK Sign Shop come's in. We can produce top quality signs for your company, whatever sector you happen to be in; whether you’re running a hotel, a doctor’s surgery, a dental practice or another business, we can help. From meeting and conference room signs for hotels, to waiting room signs for hospitals and clinics, we have the skill and the know-how to create the perfect sign for your company.

All of our signage is fully customisable in terms of lettering, materials, size and shape, so no matter what your requirements, you’ll find something here to suit. Tailored to your exact specifications, we promise that any signage order you place with us will both meet and exceed your expectations. If you are looking for any external or bespoke signage - feel free to get in touch with us.

For those looking for simple, affordable entrance signs, we also do an acrylic and vinyl range on which you can have your company logo digitally printed. These are ideal for business owners who want a professional, yet budget-friendly sign for their office building. It’s no secret that branding is a vital aspect of any successful business; a sign with an imprinted logo is a simple, but highly effective method of creating a distinctive, notable name for your company.

Different types of office sign fixings available

We offer many types of fixings for placing signage to walls. It depends entirely on the surface you are putting the signage on to, but we can provide the following fixings:

  • Screw - Tried and tested. Perfect for brick walls and the most common way of installing your sign.
  • Adhesive Tape - Often overlooked as not being strong enough, but with the right tape material that we supply, the sign will hold! Can also be put up and taken down without leaving marks depending on the surface it is applied to.
  • Magnet - The safest & best way to attach a signage to any sort of metal. Easy to remove without causing any imprint on the surface and inexpensive to create.
  • Suction Cups - Perfect for glass and glass-like surfaces. Doesn't cause any long-term damage to the glass and is easy to remove.
Chucklefish Laser cut sign
Chucklefish Laser cut sign.
Middle east eye sign
Middle east eye sign

What our customers say about us

You our customers are important to us, we love reading your comments, the good and the bad. They help us improve our business so we can give the delivery the best possible service and products that our customers deserve! Thanks to all the people that send in their comments to us!

"I have had the House Number and Name made on two separate orders. I was very impressed with the first so ordered the second which was to the same high standard. I was kept informed of each stage of the process and the delivery was very quick indeed. I have no hesitation in recommending The UK sign shop and I will certainly use them again if the need arises."

Barry Jenkins, Lee On The Solent
Verified Purchase - Fairview

"The service was excellent! My first order was lost in the post and when I rang to find out why the delivery was taking so long, I received another package the next day. and it was only inexpensive Christmas decorations - the sign itself is super!"

Val Butcher, Tadcaster
Verified Purchase - Christmas House Sign Hangers

"The service was excellent! My first order was lost in the post and when I rang to find out why the delivery was taking so long, I received another package the next day. and it was only inexpensive Christmas decorations - the sign itself is super!"

Val Butcher, Tadcaster
Verified Purchase - Christmas House Sign Hangers

"House sign,will be attached to wall near entrance to drive wall.Will look good.Nice product.Friendly & helpful company pleasure to work with.Highly recommend."

Hiram Butterworth, Ticknall
Verified Purchase - Windsor

"The sign is very stylish and extremely clear. It shows up well even down my unlit farm track, so hopefully my deliveries will no loger go astray......"

Rowena Paxton, Salisbury
Verified Purchase - Oaklands Natural Slate

"To replace old house number. Quality of new house number plate is great, and I know it will look amazing when in situ as my daughter purchased one herself from this company and it is looking great after more than three years."

Rosemary Barber, Nottingham
Verified Purchase - Oaklands
A lovely example of our Bellwether slate #housesign 📷 by Julie Shop the sign:
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