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Lightbox Signs

Lightbox Signs

The key to successfully promoting your business is to create an eye-catching and welcoming exterior and exterior. One of the most effective ways you can achieve this is with one of our custom lightbox signs, complete with your own high quality graphics and long-life LEDs. Browse through our range of LED lightbox signage and see how we can help you with your new illuminated signs today.

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  • Use Lightboxes Anywhere Our range is suitable to be used as outdoor lightbox signage, but also does a great job if you’re looking to create a warm atmosphere in a reception area or office.
  • Lightbox Signs With Quality Materials All of our lightbox signs are durable and made to last, with long-life LEDs and premium graphics printed on industry printers.
  • Bulk Order Savings If you're looking to place a bulk order, get in touch and see how much money you could save.

Why choose Custom Lightbox Signs?

Lightbox signs are often forgotten when people look for new business signs; but why? Lightbox signs are considered as a more expensive option, both upfront and in ongoing electricity costs, and are generally thought to be more suitable for big businesses with big budgets. Although a custom lightbox sign is by no means the cheapest way to promote your business, the value they provide is priceless; eye-catching designs, improved readability of text and logos, and a bigger impression at night all make lightbox signage impossible to ignore when you’re considering new signs for your business, however big or small.

Commonly used as restaurant signs, cafe signs, pub signs, shop signs and in a whole host of other industries and establishments, lightbox signs are one of the quickest growing, yet undervalued, ways to spice up the exterior and interior of your business. With a range of light box sign options including projecting lightbox signs, stretch fabric lightboxes, lightbox trays and more, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect custom lightbox sign for your business.

Lightbox Signage Captures Attention

Backlit logos and lettering isn’t only eye-catching, but can actually draw people into your business from the street. Similar to our a-board signs, outdoor lightbox signage captures potential customers’ attention and can intrigue them as to what your business is all about. Our projecting lightbox signs work particularly well to this end!

Create Great Atmosphere in Your Business

When used in an interior setting, our lightbox signs can create a great atmosphere in reception or working environments. Serving the dual purpose of strong branding in your workplace, ambient lighting and aesthetic value, one of our fabric lightboxes or tray signs are perfect when used as a wall sign.

Cost-Effective Solution To Strong Branding

Despite being a higher cost solution than some other types of signage, our light box signs are still a cost effective way to improve your branding and help your graphics pop. We use waterproof and long lasting energy efficient LEDs in all of our lightbox signs to ensure you get the best of both aesthetic value and longevity, minimising the cost of replacements or repairs.

Why Choose UK Sign Shop?

We just can’t help but strive for perfection in everything we do; that’s why every product is carefully handcrafted using a range of locally sourced materials by our in-house team of specialists. You can be confident that your custom lightbox signs have been made by industry experts using top of the line equipment, finished to our signature premium standard and gone through a range of scrupulous checks, before being delivered to your establishment.