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Office Signs

Office Signs

Convey a professional image for your business with office signage.

We can’t emphasise the importance of having some amazing office signs enough - equally as crucial as outdoor signs, our office door signs give the impression to those visiting your building that you’re a well established and trustworthy business! We create completely bespoke custom office signs for use in all types of business across the UK; from office door signs to reception signs, you’re bound to find the perfect office sign for your establishment in our selection.

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Not sure what you need? Looking to discuss a project? Volume or trade enquiry?
Online Chat
Not sure what you need? Looking to discuss a project? Volume or trade enquiry?
Online Chat
Not sure what you need? Looking to discuss a project? Volume or trade enquiry?
Online Chat
Not sure what you need? Looking to discuss a project? Volume or trade enquiry?
Online Chat

Why Choose Custom Office Signs?

We take huge pride in our signs for offices, making sure that we’re only providing customers with the best service, product and pricing for their requirements! Apt for any type of business, our personalised office signs are versatile and personal to the company, so make sure to look through our range and see what you fancy most.

Whatever industry you’re a part of, it’s important to portray the right image of your business which is why it’s so important to add a professional touch with office signs for walls, doors or otherwise. It’s one of the simplest ways to convey a personal touch in a commercial environment, be it with wall signs or office door signs with our logo printing options!

  • There are three main kinds of company signs for the office; directional, instructional and promotional. Although each has its own benefits, most commercial environments could benefit from a mixture of our types of office signs!
  • Directional office signs in the UK can help to guide people towards the area they are looking for and might include phrases such as ‘waiting room’, ‘meeting room’ and ‘bathroom’. Particularly utilised in modern offices with unusual layouts, or in larger buildings, an office sign like this will help your customers and visitors to find the room they are looking for quickly and easily. All of our wayfinding signs are essential to any office space that regularly welcomes visitors.
  • On the other hand, instructional office signs are more used to advise visitors against certain actions and any other rules of your business. This can include various business signs such as ‘turn off mobile phones’, ‘authorised personnel only’ and ‘no smoking’, which is a great asset to your business!
  • Promotional business signs are perfect for advertising your logo or promoting a message for your company. A common type of office signage in the UK, you can use it for reception areas or outside the building, since our process of printing your logo straight onto perspex showcases your company in bold, vibrant colour.

Using personalised office signs externally is just as important as internally; any business needs to project a professional image, as well as make itself known to customers on the street so you can help make it as easy as possible for people to find you. If you own a retail business and want a quick and effective way to make that vital good first impression, then why not check out our various shop signs? When looking for an office sign company, take a look at examples of their work and good reviews - we have both in abundance!

Customisable Office Door Signs

All of our office signage is fully customisable in terms of lettering, materials, size and shape, so no matter what your requirements, you’ll find something here to suit. We’ll work with whatever requirements you have, and produce something amazing that suits your exact specifications; our signs for offices will meet and exceed your expectations, given our incredible materials and design processes that will achieve your vision to the finest detail. From office door signs to help people get to the right office for a meeting, to personalised office signs that help the public in various ways, our business door signs and other products are fully customisable so that they can be made bespoke to what you need! By buying an office door sign from our range, you're making an investment into your professional image without breaking the bank.

For the business owners that only want an affordable and simple office entrance sign, we do a selection of acrylic and vinyl office signage where you can have your logo digitally printed - easy! This is the perfect fit if you want a professional yet budget-friendly office sign, as having a clean and modern display of your brand to be used anywhere, be it external or internal, is a great way of creating a notable and distinctive name for your company.

Different types of office sign fixings available

We offer many types of fixings for mounting your choice of office signs for walls. It depends entirely on the surface you are putting the signage on to, but we can provide the following fixings:

  • Screw - Tried and tested. Perfect for brick walls and the most common way of installing your office signage.
  • Adhesive Tape - Often overlooked as not being strong enough, but with the right tape material that we supply, any choice of personalised office sign will hold! Can also be put up and taken down without leaving marks depending on the surface it is applied to.
  • Magnet - The safest & best way to attach office signage to any sort of metal. Easy to remove without causing any imprint on the surface and inexpensive to create.
  • Suction Cups - Perfect for glass and glass-like surfaces. It doesn't cause any long-term damage to the glass and is easy to remove, making it a great choice for office signs for walls!


Is it easy to choose the right office sign for my business?

We make our process as easy as possible, giving you complete flexibility over the design of your new office signage. For custom office signs, you can get in touch and benefit from our years of experience in graphic design and production.

Are office signs a long-lasting option?

We work with top brands and the highest quality materials to bring you premium office signage, completely bespoke to your requirements and sure to last for many years.

Are there office sign individual and trade pricing options available?

With our direct to customer approach we take less margins on our office signs and pass the savings on to you without compromising on quality. We also offer competitive trade pricing - get in touch with our team for more information!