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Multi Surface Floor Wall Vinyl R12 Rated

£66.00 (ex. VAT)
£79.20 (inc. VAT)

Our multi-surface textile is a unique wall and floor covering suitable for both internal and external application and can even be applied on textured surfaces. 

With an R12 slip rating it is safe to use in even demanding environments and makes a fantastic event graphic option. Can be cut to shape and comes with a removable adhesive.  

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Min size: 0mm 1cm = 10mm
Min size: 0mm 1cm = 10mm
£66.00 (ex. VAT)
£79.20 (inc. VAT)
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Product Details

Key Features

Our multisurface adhesive textile, which can be used for external floor graphics but also for external wall graphics and internal surfaces, comes with an R12 slip rating which is the highest quality in the industry. 

Printed using UV cured durable high quality digital inks, these multi surface floor and wall graphics can be supplied cut to any shape and printed with any design! 

Perfect for use on a range of surfaces including carpet, wood, tile, concrete and brickwork this printed multisurface vinyl is really great for when you need to cover a range of surfaces. 

  • Indoor flooring up to 3 months (depending on traffic) 
  • External flooring up to 3 months (depending of traffic) 
  • External walls up to 12 months 
  • Internal wall up to 36 months
  • B1 fire rated. 

Multisurface vinyl is textile based and comes with a unique removable adhesive. 

What's included with this purchase:

  • 1 x Multi Surface Floor and Wall printed graphic
This product has an inbuilt R12 slip rating, as a result the print is not protected by a physical laminate coating. This leaves the ink layer exposed and although we use durable UV cured inks, it does make the ink surface more susceptible to scuffing and marking.

Wall Assessment

Ensure the wall is smooth, ideally with a satin or gloss paint finish. Certain paint additives, low latex, and VOC levels can reduce adhesive bond. Avoid 'easy care' and 'easy clean' paints.

If unsure of the paint type, trial a sample print for 24 hours before full installation. Apply a primer if there is any doubt about surface suitability.

Freshly painted walls need up to 5 days to dry; newly plastered walls need up to 4 weeks.

Repositionable/low tack adhesives are unsuitable for coated or treated surfaces like stainless steel, brass, or bronze. Dusty surfaces can contaminate adhesive and reduce bond strength. Priming is recommended for these adhesives.

Wall temperature should be above +4°C, ideally above 10°C. Avoid applying to brick or heavily textured finishes unless using approved media like General Formulations’ RoughMark vinyl. Always test print first.

Priming the Walls

Priming reduces adhesive contamination, improves bond strength, counters wall moisture, and masks surface imperfections. Use a water-based eggshell or recognized wall primer and adhere to drying times.

Wall Graphic Printing & Artwork Considerations

Heavy deposits of uncured solvent or UV inks can affect film stability and adhesive strength. Fully cure, dry, and outgas prints before packaging or application, allowing 24 hours as a guide.

Polyester and PVC materials may shrink over time. Allow a 10mm overlap in prints. For textured surfaces, a larger overlap may be needed. For promotional applications, splice the join by overlapping and cutting through both layers to remove excess material.

How to Apply the Wall Graphic

For small decals:

  1. Remove the liner and position the graphic.
  2. Use a squeegee from the middle to the edges to avoid air bubbles.
  3. Ensure edges and corners are firmly attached.

For large decals:

  1. Lay face down, peel back part of the liner, and fold down.
  2. Align and apply the top portion with a squeegee.
  3. Slowly remove the remaining liner while pressing the decal to the wall.
  4. Work towards the edges to avoid air bubbles.
  5. Ensure edges and corners are firmly attached.

How to Remove the Wall Graphic

Gently peel from top to bottom at a 120-degree or greater angle using smooth, consistent force.

No liability for damage to painted surfaces as this depends on the paint-wall bond, which is beyond our control.

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