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Restaurant Signs

Restaurant Signs

We pride ourselves on creating custom restaurant signs and pub signs for your business and guarantee a high level of quality with every order. We can create your restaurant sign to your bespoke specifications and ensure it will have the perfect aesthetic for your business, whether you want a board signs or any other type of pavement signs.

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What types of restaurant signage do you need?

Restaurant signage serves as an integral feature of almost all restaurants, so it's important to choose the right types for you, whether you’re looking for internal signs or outdoor signs. They are useful for practicality, as well as serving as a powerful marketing tool to draw customers in from the street.

When you're ready to make your restaurant stand out from the rest, there's no better way than with custom-made restaurant signage; with a wide range of styles on offer to suit every use case, you're bound to find a restaurant sign board to suit your business.

Order your food at the restaurant sign

This type of restaurant sign is particularly useful depending on the way in which you serve your customers, but is great for cutting down on waitressing demand. A beautiful bright restaurant sign board when customers walk in quickly helps make them aware of your ordering system, and simultaneously gives a great first impression of your brand.

Restroom & directional signs

As well as toilet signs above the doors, you may also want direction arrows scattered throughout the restaurant to make sure customers don’t get lost on the way to the loo! This type of restaurant sign can also work as cafe signs, so whatever type of establishment you're running, you can definitely benefit from a custom restaurant sign UK!

Opening times restaurant signs

It's a good idea to have a restaurant sign board with your opening hours as a practical marketing tool to help make patrons aware of what times to come by your eatery. When it comes to restaurant signs for opening times, it can also help to build up a loyal customer base so they know when to pop in.

Wait to be seated restaurant signs

Wait to be seated signs are a common sight in restaurant dining areas, often placed near the entrance of a restaurant, near the host stand, or in a visible location within the restaurant dining area. Restaurant seating signs are a helpful way for customers to understand the seating policy at a restaurant, and by using bespoke restaurant signs, restaurants can avoid customer confusion and help ensure that they’re seated in a timely manner!

Special themed nights

Hosting a themed night is an excellent way of bringing in new customers and keeping your restaurant bustling! Personalised restaurant signage is a great way to let people know about your next event, which will ensure plenty of visitors come out on those extra special occasions.

Restaurant signage for the street

If your restaurant entrance is awkward to find or if you want to attract more visitors, street restaurant signs are useful for letting people know where you are. Whether you're trying to help catch people's attention or want to promote a seasonal menu, one of our street restaurant signs could be the perfect choice.

Completely Custom Restaurant Signs

Last, but by no means least, you need custom restaurant signs to give people that all-important good first impression of your brand. A large restaurant sign above the door naming your restaurant is essential, and something that can be styled exactly the way you want it. Investing in a custom restaurant sign that reflects your restaurant's brand and identity is a good idea for up-and-coming and established eateries alike.

To help make sure your business is fully prepared, speak to our expert business signage team, who have spent years kitting out restaurants all across the UK. We offer commercial restaurant signage solutions for all kinds of businesses, and restaurants are often our most frequent returning customers.