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Acrylic House Signs

Acrylic House Signs

Modern and Clean Acrylic House Signs

Our acrylic door signs are completely customisable with an extensive range of colour, font, sizes, shapes and styles available. Our acrylic house signs start at just £10, so you can be sure your new acrylic house sign is both an affordable and stylish addition to your home.

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from £22.00
from £22.00
from £22.00
£21.00 £28.00
from £22.00
from £22.00
from £22.00
Prestige Floral
from £22.00
Bradley Black
from £32.00
from £11.00
from £22.00
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Oaklands Pattern
from £22.00
from £22.00

Acrylic Door Signs

Using acrylic for house signs is increasing in popularity due to its very modern and clean look, suiting contemporary and traditional properties alike.

The acrylic that we use for every acrylic house number and plaque is sourced directly from Perspex, meaning we only ever use the highest quality materials, guaranteed to last for at least ten years.

High Quality Finish

The high-gloss surface material we use for every acrylic door sign has outstanding clarity as well as being exceptionally hard-wearing and weather-resistant, making your brand new choices of acrylic door signs durable enough to last a lifetime. Our acrylic house numbers are a more affordable alternative to glass, so you can get a stylish acrylic sign in the UK without breaking the bank - perfect if you want something different from our popular wooden house signs, slate house signs and other amazing house signs!

We prioritise quality and finish over anything else with our acrylic house signs and numbers. We use 3mm thick genuine Perspex acrylic to give our signage its signature clarity and visual appeal, and digitally print all of our designs using UV cured inks - helping to give your new sign impressive reliability, and completely preventing fading from the sun or other elements! We also have a variety of styles on offer, so depending whether you choose a purely acrylic house sign or one of our designs combined with a clear front panel, you can enjoy a premium layered effect in either matt or glossy finishes.

For the majority of our acrylic house signs, we use a high-gloss acrylic material to give our plaques a luxurious look. Some of our acrylic door signs are made from matt acrylic instead, giving our acrylic house number plaques a contemporary and trendy look.

Our acrylic house numbers and letters are completely customisable with an extensive range of colour, font, sizes, shapes and styles available. You can make your new acrylic house number entirely your own, the perfect way to add your own unique stamp to your home. Perspex house numbers are durable to ensure its longevity so it lasts you many years to come, making whatever perspex door signs you go for an investment into the future.

There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to choosing your new acrylic house number plaque design and styles; with a range of personalisation options, finding the perfect match for your property has never been easier! Choose from plain acrylic door sign designs to keep the exterior of your home clean and modern, or enjoy an acrylic door plaque style with glitter, different colours or images to make a bold first impression on visitors.


How is the text on acrylic house signs created?

We use our top of the range equipment to digitally print the text and other designs onto our acrylic house signs, using UV cured inks to improve image quality and durability.

Can I customise my acrylic house sign?

Yes! We offer a wide range of different acrylic house sign designs which you can further customise with your house name and numbers, different acrylic panel colours, font type, size and more.

How do I install an acrylic house sign?

We include a handy kit of fixtures with every acrylic house sign, and along with easy to understand instructions, installing your new sign is an easy task.

How do I maintain my acrylic house sign?

Our commitment to sourcing high quality materials and industry-leading digital printing process, you shouldn't need to do any maintenance of your acrylic house sign after you install it. If it manages to get dirty or just want to give it a shine up, the best way to clean your sign is a damp cloth - you don't need to worry about the details coming off!

What is the maximum character limit for text on an acrylic house sign?

There's not a specific character limit when it comes to personalising your new acrylic house sign - it all depends on the design! Some designs only have the option to include your house number, such as the Oculus sign, whereas most of our designs (including the popular Windsor sign) have the option to include a house name, street name or other text of your choice! If you want to make sure, choose the design you like and take advantage of our live personalisation to see if your text fits.

About Our UK Acrylic House Signs

We’re passionate about our products, which is why we make sure we closely check every single acrylic plaque before shipping them around the UK. We don’t settle for anything less than perfect, so you can rest assured that your new Perspex door signs will turn up in perfect condition - just install using our easy to understand fittings and fixtures and get ready to boost your home’s kerb appeal!