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Wooden House Signs

Wooden House Signs

Not all wooden house signs are equal in quality, that’s why we use English Oak for our wooden house name signs, plaques and number signs. We also use beautiful timber, grown slowly to produce a close grain that gives superior strength and resilience. Our focus on locally produced UK wooden house signs allows us to support local and ensure the highest quality house signs.

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We cut every wooden house sign from a 20mm thick timber and laser engraved with the design you have created for your home. For longevity, we apply four separate layers of protective coating to ensure our timber and oak house signs are weatherproof all year round. We use a clear varnish on our wood house signs for this to allow the warm natural tones of the wood to shine through. Our rustic wooden house signs make the exterior of your home beautiful to look at and brings a warm feel to your home.

For safety, we countersink all screw holes for a flush finish on our wooden house number signs. Included is a fixing kit, so you'll have everything you need to hang your new wood house sign.

Wooden House Signs made from responsibly sourced timber

If you're looking for something other than our beautiful slate house signs and acrylic house signs, our wooden house name signs are a great option. We’re committed to a responsible purchasing policy for all our timber to help ensure there will always be forests and woodlands for future generations. All our suppliers are FSC and PEFC certified, organisations that protect biodiversity, wildlife habitat, species at risk and prompt regeneration so our wood house name signs don't contribute to deforestation around the globe.

Beautiful Oak House Signs

We also have a range of wooden house signs for a high quality feel and to easily boost your kerb appeal. Our range of oak house signs have a large range of personalisation options, including text and sign layout. With sizes up to 30cm x 15cm, our large wooden house signs are perfect for any home in the UK!

By buying an oak house sign, you're investing in a beautiful and personalised wooden house sign that isn't only inexpensive but will last you for years to come. We can guarantee that we use the highest quality materials to make sure your wooden house plaques don't weather or fall foul of the British elements!