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Illuminated House Numbers

Illuminated House Numbers

Stunning illuminated house numbers help you stand out - with a range of LED house numbers and solar house number signs available.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, illuminated house number signs are the perfect way to ensure that your home is brightly lit and visible in the dark winter months in Britain; by getting one of our illuminated house signs, rest assured that you’ll get a high quality product that truly outshines the competition!

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Why choose an illuminated house sign?

  • There’s no need for wires with solar powered house numbers!
  • Illuminated house numbers work all year round.
  • Our light up house numbers are water and weatherproof.
  • Illuminated solar house signs improve your kerb appeal.
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Personalised Illuminated House Number Signs

Our illuminated house number signs are a quick, easy and affordable way to improve the look of your property from the outside.

Although neon and fluorescent house signs have been around for decades, LED house numbers have become the preferred choice with many homeowners over the past few years - and it’s no surprise why! It’s been proven that solar powered house numbers and various other illuminated house signs are far more economical than their fluorescent and neon counterparts, so light up house numbers are truly the go to option nowadays! With a range of different materials in our stock, you’re bound to find a solar door number that suits your taste and other requirements; from our acrylic house signs to our aluminium house signs, you'll always end up with amazing solar house number signs to help you boost your kerb appeal.

Efficient Solar Door Numbers

Our solar house signs may look great, but they’re also hugely efficient and far better value to run than some other options. The LED light in an illuminated house sign consumes roughly 60% less energy than other artificial light sources, and uses a far lower voltage making it a practical choice. As well as that, a light up door number using one of these LEDs is incredibly durable, and can last anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 hours before needing to be replaced - how impressive is that? That means an illuminated solar house number can save you money on energy bills and bulbs, as well as being far more eco-friendly than other options.

We stock a huge range of high quality, acrylic solar house signs, which are perfect for adding a dash of colourful luminosity to your property as well as providing completely bespoke designs. We’re proud about every one of our solar powered house numbers, and make sure that all of them are up to standard and meet as well as exceed your expectations! Available at competitive trade prices, take a look at our solar house numbers and get the very best value for money without sacrificing anything on quality.

We have a beautiful array of solar door numbers, taking in the sun’s energy to create a display that’s both magnificent and kind to the environment. Harnessing the power of the sun is one of the most eco-friendly methods for illuminated house signs. When it comes to buying one of our light up house number signs, we have a stylish range that you'll be proud to mount outside your house.

The concept of having some eye-catching light up house numbers on a property is an extremely popular one with homeowners, but hesitate when considering the costly and time consuming process that this would involve, especially when considering having to replace the entire sign at any point. Thankfully, our solar house numbers remove this headache, with easy installation, great durability and eco-friendly nature - it’s a win-win! With an easily separated light panel, you won’t experience any hassle with our illuminated house number signs.

If you want a budget friendly option for an illuminated house sign, that greatly improves your exterior aesthetic whilst being completely eco-friendly, then this is the range of LED house numbers for you. You can have the amazing look and feel of these modern and stylish additions to your home, without worrying about the pain of replacing the light - simply order a new light panel rather than the whole unit, slot it in and you’re good to go!

Illuminated LED house numbers are hugely effective for those who want to improve their kerb appeal, as it draws people in with the attractive display. Not bad for a simple illuminated door number, huh? We also have a range of solar powered house numbers to get the most out of the good weather, so browse through our range of illuminated house number signs today to see what suits your home!