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Eco Friendly Signs

UK Sign Shop are excited to offer an environmentally friendly option for our acrylic signs.

UK Sign Shop are excited to offer an environmentally friendly option for our acrylic signs. If available on that particular product, you may see that under the clear front panel dropdown you will see we have the additional option for an eco-friendly "100% Recycled Clear Front Panel". This recycled product offers the exact same qualities as the standard panel; however, it comes with all the benefits of being a recycled product.

If you're environmentally conscious, be sure to select the recycled clear front panel!

The vast majority of us are now taking more proactive steps to reduce our environmental impact on the planet. As more and more consumers choose ‘green’ alternatives in their everyday lives, we are now proud to say that we stock Greencast house signs, an eco-friendly range made from 100% scrap recycled plastics.

Greencast acrylic door signs are a stylish and environmentally-friendly way to add kerb appeal to your family home, as well as minimising the harm we all make on the planet. UK Sign Shop is committed to lowering our carbon footprint and using less energy by selling recycled acrylics and sending less to landfill.

A greener solution to signage

Campaigns to free our oceans of plastic have really concentrated minds in the past few years, and companies are always looking for more eco-friendly products to give their customers greater choice and reduce wastage. We are no exception, and the Greencast range we now stock is our own small part in this environmental revolution.

We’ve listened to our customers, and know how important it is to you that there are greener signage solutions on the market. Greencast signs are just as hardwearing as more traditional materials, so can be used both inside and outside your home without fading or being affected by bad weather.

They use less water and CO2 in the manufacturing process when compared to virgin sheet acrylic signs, but they have the same physical and mechanical properties. That means you can be confident that you’re still getting the highest quality signs from us, but their manufacture has been more eco-friendly all round.

Great customer choice

Whatever you have in mind for your home signage, we have something to suit every taste and can work with you to see your Greencast signs are perfect for your home.

All Greencast signs come with a ten-year guarantee, but when your Greencast signs do come to the end of their natural life, there’s more good news! They can be recycled once again, feeding into a green process which will give them a new lease of life in another product.

We hope you’ll choose this greener signage solution from UK Sign Shop. If you have any questions or are looking for advice on choosing the right signs for your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and expert team.