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About Our House Signs

With the right shape, style and lettering, a simple house sign can make the outside of your home just as beautiful as the inside.

Our comprehensive range of house signs allow you to stylishly display your number and address. We meet the needs of any home owner or business, whether your requirement is for traditional or modern signs.

Select from a wide range of colours, shapes, fonts and styles to match your home.

Our acrylic house signs are very popular and with their ease of fitting you won't need to be an expert to install our house signs as each purchase comes with a complete fitting kit, including instructions, screws and fittings.

Modern house signs have become more and more popular over the last decade or so; this coincides with homeowners becoming more concerned not only with their interior decor, but also the exterior appearance of their homes. Adding a house sign to the outside of your house is a great way to add some character and style to it. On a practical note, this type of sign, along with a house number also functions as a directional piece, which lets visitors (and the postman!) know where you are located.

Although it may seem obvious, it is important to have your house clearly marked so that it can easily be found; a house sign will make your life much easier, particularly when it comes to receiving shopping deliveries and parcels. Unfortunately, many delivery services are notoriously unreliable, and if your house address and number are not clearly visible when they arrive, they might very well turn around and leave your important parcel in the depot for you to collect. So if you tend to do a lot of online shopping and often receive packages, a simple house sign could save you a lot of time and hassle!

Nowadays, people take pride in the appearance of both the inside and the outside of their home. Home signs and numbers are not purely functional and many people purchase them for aesthetic reasons; there’s nothing worse than an unkempt, shabby-looking house exterior, even if the interior is beautiful decorated. An elegant house sign hung outside a property will instantly give the house a more polished, sophisticated look.

The house signs we produce come in a huge range of styles, materials and sizes, so it’s easy to find one which fits the bill for your home. You can include any information you wish on the surface of the sign, including the address numbers, the name of the property and anything other text you’d like. Depending on the material and lettering you select, you can create an address sign with a pretty, vintage feel, or one with a distinctly modern appearance. The choice is yours!

One of our best selling types of houses signs come in acrylic form; these are incredibly easy to install, as each sign comes complete with a fitting kit, including instructions, screws and fittings to hang your sign perfectly. Acrylic signs are ideal for those who love contemporary decor and want a sleek, modern sign which complements their stylish home.

Each and every one of our house signs is manufactured by hand in our factory in the South of England. We’re proud of our unfailingly high levels of customer service, as well as the quality of our products. If you’re in need of a sign for your home, contact us today for a competitively priced quote.

If you have purchased one of our signs please view our instructional video on how to fit it to the wall