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Illuminated Home & Office Signs - to stand out from the crowd

Stunning LED Signs and Illuminated Home & Business/Office Signs to stand out in the crowd

There’s no doubt that illuminated signage gives a business an advantage over others in terms of visibility.

Using an illuminated LED sign, a business owner can project their advertisement to potential customers from more than 1000 feet away, which certainly outperforms traditionally lit signs.

They’re particularly suited to businesses which are open at night, as the vivid light of an illuminated sign will stand out against the darkness; restaurants, bars, nightclubs and late-night supermarkets could all benefit from this type of signage.

Bright, eye-catching signs in intense colours are a great way to attract people’s attention and draw them in.


Although neon and fluorescent signs have been around for decades, LED signs have become the preferred choice with many business owners over the past few years - and with good reason, too. LED lights have been proven to be far more economical to run than their neon and fluorescent counterparts.

This is down to two simple factors; firstly an LED light consumes about 60% less energy than other artificial light sources, as it uses a much lower voltage. Secondly, LED lights are incredibly durable; they can last anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 hours before needing to be replaced. This means that choosing an illuminated sign with an LED light will not only save you money on energy bills and bulbs, but also make your business that much more eco-friendly. Particularly for those who wish to position their business in an environmentally conscious frame, LED signs are a wise investment.

Here at the UK Sign Shop, we stock a huge range of high quality, acrylic LED lights, which are perfect for adding a dash of colourful luminosity to your business premises as well us providing completely bespoke designs. They’re made to exceptionally high standards and are available at a competitive price, so that you are always guaranteed to get the very best value for money without the sacrifice on quality.

Many people love the idea of having eye-catching illuminated signs on their business premises, but are hesitant to purchase one, as the time consuming and costly process of replacing the entire sign when you have a new message to advertise just doesn’t seem worth it.

However, our LED signs have an innovative new design which eliminates this problem; they now come with removable LED lettering panels, so when you want to update your special offers for your customers, you simply order a new panel, rather than spending your hard-earned cash replacing the entire unit. These panels take just a few seconds to slot in and out, making the task quick and easy to complete.

Illuminated LED signs are hugely effective for those who want to target their potential customers more intensively, by drawing people in with attractive, informative and memorable advertising messages. The bottom line is this; illuminated signs can save you money and increase your customer base, both of which will increase your profits. Not bad for a simple sign, eh?

We also offer a fitting service covering the South East of England.

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"Received 2 of the 3 signs i ordered today for christmas presents. They look very good although havent taken the plastic backs off. Can't wait to see what they loom like on tbe houses after christmas hence the 4 stars for now! Xxx"

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"Great quality products, ordered 10 custom office signs and UK Sign Shop was very helpful and suggested new ideas that i had not thought of! Every has said they look really professional around the office, cheers guys!"

Charlotte, Brighton (Verified Purchased Midsummer Nights Dream)

"Thank you so much, the sign came very quickly,we are so very pleased with it, order with confidence you won't be dissapointed, an excellent product and an excellent service."

Pauline Boxold, London (Verified Purchased Midsummer Nights Dream)
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